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Everyone loves road trips and sight-seeing tours. However, it is always prudent to be prepared for any unexpected challenges that may arise while on the road. If you enjoy car rides then there are many cool gadgets / car accessories on the market today that can help equip you to deal with many unexpected situations. The following are some of our preferences for your consideration: (For more information on any of these or other products, please click on the links below).

  1. Falcon Zero F360+ Dual Dash Cam
  2. Dash cams have become more useful on the roads as a means of recording live footage while driving. Should you ever become a victim of an auto accident, your video footage may prove to be very useful in the filing of your claim.

    The falcon zero F360+ is designed to fit on top of your rearview mirror. This dash cam comes with an extra camera and falls into the category of the new dual improved dash cams. This car accessory can replace the central rear view mirror and displays videos on the 3.5″ TFT LCD Screen. You can use the remaining area as a rearview mirror for the vehicle.

  3. Portable Car Jump Starter
    The next one in our list of the best car gadget is the NOCO Genius Boost Plus Jump Starter.The product can be a life saver during inclement weather or when you’re stuck in a parking lot with a faulty car battery. This gadget is a well designed and compact jump starter kit. This car jump starter is rated at 1000Amps (7,000 Joules) for maximum performance. According to the manufacturer, you can get up to 20 jump starts per charge. This jump starter features an innovative low-profile design for easy storage in your vehicle or garage.

  4. Emergency Escape Tool--Lifehammer Brand Safety Hammer, the Original Emergency Escape and Rescue Tool with Seatbelt Cutter.
    We hope that you will never have a need for this product. However, in case of an emergency, it can be a life saver! This clever little keychain packs 2 main features that will make any getaway easy. On the one side, it’s an emergency hammer made of stainless steel that easily breaks car glass, and on the other side it’s a razor-sharp blade that cuts swiftly through jammed seat belts.

  5. BAC Track S80 Pro Breathalyzer
    While we greatly discourage the idea of driving while under the influence of alcohol, we do believe it’s beneficial to have a device that lets you know whether or not you’re legally capable of getting behind the wheel. Equipped with police-grade sensor technology, the BAC Track S80 Pro is one of the best portable breathalyzers you can buy these days. Aside from producing accurate test results, this personal alcohol tester is extremely easy to use and read. It also comes with disposable mouthpieces for hygienic purposes.
  6. TripWorthy First Aid KitFirst aid kit
    Whether it’s a leisurely drive to the park or a long-distance drive to another state, it’s absolutely critical to that you have a first aid kit in your car in case of an emergency. This comprehensiv kit from TripWorthy is packed with premium medical supplies and survival gear into a compact, durable carrying case weighting only 1 pound.

  7. Defendme Lifesaver Personal alarm
    This is a sleek, portable, personal alarm that creates a 120 dB siren sound that can be heard up to 300 ft (100 meters). At a moment when your life may be at risk, this could be a great threat deterrent. To activate the alarm, simply pull the lanyard looped to the half cirlcle ring away from the alarm. To stop the alarm simply reinsert the ring into the alarm until it snaps into place. This is the perfect personal alarm for anyone, especially for joggers, students, the elderly, and delivery drivers.

  8. Kaito KA500 5-way Powered Solar Power, Dynamo Crank, Wind Up Emergency AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Flashlight, Reading Lamp and Cell phone Charger.
  9. This product has it all. A 6-way powered portable emergency radio with hand crank generator, solar panel, compartment for 3 AA batteries (not included), 5V USB input, 5V AC/DC input with a wall power adapter (sold separately), built-in NiMH replaceable and rechargeable battery pack. Comprehensive coverage of AM, FM, 2-band shortwave and 7 pre-programmed NOAA weather channels for entertainment, sports, talk-shows, breaking news around the world, and 24/7 real-time weather forecast (USA and Canada ONLY) with PEAS (Public Emergency Alert System). Made of strong premium impact-resistant and water-resistant ABS material, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  10. Solar Charger Solar Power Bank 20000mAh-- Waterproof Portable External Backup Outdoor Cell Phone Battery Charger with Dual LED Flashlights Solar Panel for iPhone Android Cellphones
  11. High Capacity Solar Charger - Effective storage up to 20000mAh with solar energy generation. It can can be charged with outdoor effective sunlight, and via a USB cable and standard electrical outlets. The product is made of High-quality ABS+PC+Crystal Silicon material and enhanced sealing to protect it from the Rain, Dirt, and falls.

  12. The Atomic Beam – LED Flashlight by BulbHead.
  13. “The tactical light that shines brighter than your ordinary emergency flashlight.” This flashlight has LED bulbs that have an adjustable focus from spotlight to floodlight, 5 beam modes: high, medium, low, S.O.S., strobe – it’s the perfect addition to your vehicle emergency kit. It is weather-resistant (not a waterproof flashlight), shock-resistant, lightweight, and compact.

  14. Child Safety Seat
  15. According to a CDC report published in 2008, “Unintentional injuries—such as those caused by burns, drowning, falls, poisoning and road traffic—are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality among children in the United States. “ On average, 12,175 children 0 to 19 years of age died each year in the United States from an unintentional injury. Injuries due to transportation were the leading cause of death for children. Child restraints, or car seats, reduce the risk of injury by 71% to 82%. But keeping your child safe depends on choosing the right safety seat and using it correctly. The best car seat is the one that fits your child's weight, size, and age, as well as your vehicle. Don’t put your child in danger, purchase a car seat today.

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